Behind the Wheel: First-Hand Car Reviews
Behind the Wheel: First-Hand Car Reviews

You’re looking for an engaging and informative automotive blog that provides first-hand reviews of the latest vehicles. You want to know how a car handles, accelerates and brakes before visiting a dealership. You crave details on advanced safety features, infotainment systems and storage options from someone who has actually driven the vehicle, not just read the spec sheet. At Behind the Wheel, our team puts in the miles to share our authentic driving experiences and impressions to help you find your perfect new car. We don’t just test the sports cars and SUVs, we get behind the wheel of everything from compact sedans to full-size pickups. If it’s new and available at a dealership, you’ll find an honest, unbiased review here. So buckle up and come along for an engaging ride as we put the latest models through their paces. You’re in the driver’s seat at Behind the Wheel.

SUVs: What’s New for 2020

For 2020, SUVs continue to dominate new vehicle sales and this year brings noteworthy new models as well as updates to longtime favorites.

New Models Take Center Stage

Two highly anticipated new SUVs are the Genesis GV80 and Cadillac Escalade. The GV80 is Genesis’ first SUV, a midsize luxury model with striking styling, an upscale cabin, and the latest advanced safety features. The all-new Escalade is Cadillac’s flagship SUV redesigned for 2020 with a sleeker exterior, enhanced technology like a curved OLED display screen, and independent rear suspension for a smoother ride.

Perennial Best-Sellers Get Upgrades

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Pilot, and Ford Explorer receive upgrades for 2020. The Grand Cherokee adds a new performance-focused Trackhawk model with a supercharged V8 engine. The Pilot has revised styling, more standard safety equipment, and an upgraded 9-speed automatic transmission. The Explorer introduces a new ST performance model, more standard driver-assistance features, and a user-friendly SYNC3 infotainment system with a larger touchscreen.

Final Thoughts

With new models from Genesis and Cadillac plus significant upgrades for Jeep, Honda and Ford stalwarts, SUV buyers have an array of appealing new choices for 2020. Whether you’re interested in the latest luxury rides, off-road capability or three-row practicality, the selection of new and improved SUVs covers all the bases. For those in the market for a new midsize or large SUV, 2020 looks to be an exciting year.

Sedans: Luxury vs. Affordable

For those seeking a new sedan, there are two main options: luxury or affordable. Luxury sedans offer high-quality materials and construction, powerful performance, and advanced technology. However, they come with a significantly higher price tag. Affordable sedans provide basic transportation at a lower cost but lack many of the amenities of luxury models.

Luxury sedans, like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series, feature premium leather seats, wood or aluminum trim, and the latest advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity features. They are also typically powered by robust 6- or 8-cylinder engines that provide effortless acceleration. The trade-off is a starting price well over $50,000.

In contrast, affordable sedans such as the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord offer dependable transportation for under $30,000. While spacious and safe, these mainstream models have basic cloth seats and trim, minimal options for advanced safety technologies like emergency braking or lane keeping assist, and 4-cylinder engines that provide adequate but uninspiring performance.

For buyers on a budget, a mainstream sedan can fulfill basic needs, though lacking in luxury and performance. For those wanting an indulgent driving experience with the latest amenities, a luxury sedan is appealing if you can afford the premium. In the end, determining how much you can spend and what factors are most important to you will help guide you to the right sedan.

Sports Cars: Power and Performance Reviews

When evaluating sports cars, power and performance are key factors to consider. As an automotive enthusiast, you’ll want a vehicle that provides an exciting driving experience with raw power and handling precision.

Acceleration and Power

Pay close attention to the engine specifications, including the displacement, number of cylinders, horsepower, and torque ratings which determine how quickly the vehicle can accelerate and reach high speeds. For the ultimate thrill ride, look for models with 8 cylinders or more, turbocharging or supercharging, and 400 horsepower or greater. Test drive the vehicles you’re interested in to experience the power and acceleration firsthand before purchasing.

Handling and Braking

Sports cars are designed to grip the road tightly with performance tires, suspension, and braking systems. Test the handling by taking tight turns at various speeds to ensure it has a solid feel and responsive steering that instills confidence. Performance brakes, often with drilled rotors and high-performance pads, allow the vehicle to stop quickly even at high speeds. Choose a model with features like Brembo brakes, adaptive suspension, and summer performance tires for maximum handling and control.


For the best performance, consider vehicles equipped with automated manual transmissions (AMT) or dual-clutch transmissions (DCT) that can shift gears quickly without sacrificing power. These advanced transmissions are faster and more efficient than traditional automatic transmissions. Of course, for the purest driving experience, a manual transmission may be your best option if you want full control and interaction.

In summary, when seeking a true performance sports car, prioritize power, acceleration, handling, braking, and an advanced transmission. Take the time to test drive the models that interest you most to find one that checks all the boxes and provides the level of power and performance you desire.


As you can see, getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle for the first time is an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re drawn to the latest technology, performance, luxury, or efficiency, test driving different models is the only way to find a car that truly fits your needs and stirs your soul. While reviews and ratings can provide guidance, there’s no substitute for that first hand experience. The road ahead holds unlimited potential. What are you waiting for? Get out there and find your perfect ride. The open road is calling your name. read more

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